Pumatect Colour Coded Floor Organises Warehouse Storage For Electronics Company

Responding to the requirements of a client wishing to implement a system involving colour coded floor bays in which to store a range of electronic components in a new warehouse, office and industrial fit-out specialists Adex Interiors consulted industrial flooring specialists Resin Flooring Solutions for an aesthet

High performance flooring systems

Resin Flooring Solutions suggested Pumatect and Pumathane materials manufactured by resin flooring specialists Resdev to match the client’s requirements. Available in a range of attractive colours, these high performance, high build flooring systems provide an elegant and affordable solution for the creation of bespoke commercial and industrial flooring layouts.

Alongside the colour coding to separate component types, advanced long term wear resistance was an essential consideration for this project. Pumatect, the Resdev product selected for the 2,500m2 area, is a virtually solvent free epoxy flooring system providing excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It creates a tough, hard wearing coating capable of withstanding medium duty traffic including the forklifts and occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys used in this environment, with an attractive, easy-clean gloss finish.

Line markings for signage and safety

For the line markings required, Resin Flooring Solutions used Resdev’s Pumathane LM UVR, a high build flexible polyurethane coating with a UV resistant gloss finish, designed to create demarcation lines between traffic and pedestrian areas as well as informative signage, helping to organise both vehicular and pedestrian traffic safely.

The entire floor was shot blasted and diamond ground to prepare for the installation of the flooring system, then carefully marked out in line with Adex Interiors’ specifications to create the required bay layouts in different colours. Colour coding warehouse floors is often undertaken for reasons of safety as well as organisation.

Resin Flooring Solutions worked closely with Adex to complete the project within a tight time window to allow for continued multi-trade working on site, and the new warehouse is now fully operational.