Resdev High Gloss Flooring Selected For Label Production Facility

One of the UK’s leading label manufacturers has selected the Pumaflow SL self levelling floor screed system developed by Resdev as part of a major refurbishment programme for a key production area, creating an attractive and durable flooring surface capable of withstanding sustained trafficking by forklifts and other wheeled vehicles.

The company contacted industrial flooring specialists PSC Flooring Ltd to provide a solution for the production area in question, where they planned to replace older machinery with new, state of the art equipment. The existing epoxy resin flooring required constant upgrading and repair to cope with the duty, and the organisation was looking for a long term solution combining practicality with aesthetics.

PSC Flooring Ltd specified Resdev’s Pumaflow SL epoxy resin screed at a thickness of 3mm to handle the application. An epoxy resin self levelling screed is ideal for industrial and commercial locations, offering durable, hygienic and dust free operations. Pumaflow SL has been used successfully in a variety of environments including laboratories, hospital clean rooms, electronics assembly plants, dry processing areas, showrooms and light industrial plants.

Less Labour Intensive Self Levelling Screed

Pumaflow SL is a medium duty, flow-applied epoxy flooring developed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Providing advanced levels of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, it creates a seamless, gloss finish with all the advantages of speed of application, resistance to spillages and easy-clean properties.

Quick install and quick drying screeds like Pumaflow SL also help speed up the developers time table. This means less or even zero downtime for the customer.

Prior to application, the floor was prepared using diamond grinding processes to remove the existing resin coatings, followed by thorough vacuum cleaning and recutting and repairing of all expansion joints using Resdev’s epoxy mortar compound. A specialist epoxy resin primer was then applied to the total 200m2 floor area, followed by the Pumaflow SL epoxy resin screed in a mid blue colour.

The entire project was completed in four days, on time and to budget, providing the client with an attractive, durable and hard wearing surface that will remain maintenance-free for many years to come.

“We are delighted with the new resin screed, the mid blue colour looks excellent and has really improved the production area at an affordable cost,” stated facilities manager Mr Wayne Fernandes.