Multi-level Car Parks

Developed from recycled rubber within a polyurethane resin matrix, Resdev’s car park decking systems are suitable for use on main traffic and intermediate decking levels and have been tested and certified by BRE to meet standards for:

  • Excellent Elastomeric Flexibility & Adhesion
  • Seamless Fluid Application
  • Hardwearing Watertight & Impervious Finish
  • High Performance Crack Bridging
  • Anti Slip Multi Layered Textured Systems
  • Abrasion & Chemical Resilience
  • UV Stable & Moisture Resistant
  • High Impact Resilience
  • Extreme Temperature Tolerance & Stability
  • Completely Fire Resistant
  • Sustainable & Carbon Footprint Friendly

Resdev’s car park decking systems offer the ideal solution for multi storey car parks, intermediate decking, underground parking, exposed decks, roofing and roof decks, bridges & viaducts, parking bays, pedestrian walkways, ramps, turning circles, breaking and driving zones and colour coded bays.