Resdev’s Specialist Designer Flooring Systems have been used extensively throughout the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and worldwide. Mozaico terrazzo flooring systems utilise natural stone, marble and mother of pearl in conjunction with recycled waste glass from plate and mirrored glass manufacturers in the UK and Europe, which would otherwise be destined for landfill sites, offering an environmentally responsible solution.

Mozaico Classic is an epoxy resin based seamless terrazzo flooring system using marble and granite in a stylish palette. It is ideal for large projects where marble would traditionally be used and can be used to form stairs and risers to provide seamless integrity. Mozaico Integra is a heavy duty polyurethane based seamless terrazzo flooring system, combining the advantages of marble terrazzo with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It is idea for installation within prestige industrial and pharmaceutical environments and can be manufactured in an electro static dissipative format.