Designer Flooring Systems

Resdev’s Specialist Designer Flooring Systems do not compromise on style or innovation and meet the highest standards of seamless durability for:

• Commercial & Retail Applications
• Leisure & Sports Facilities
• Airports
• Shopping Centres & Malls
• Office Complexes
• Prestige Corporate Installations
• Showrooms
• Exhibition Centres
• Healthcare Centres & Hospitals
• Libraries, Museums & Arts Facilities
• Pharmaceutical
• Restaurants
• Electro Static Dissipative Environments
• Bespoke Interior Design Applications

From elegant and contemporary seamless terrazzo flooring, colourful or naturally hued stone carpet systems to attractive, multi-coloured quartz screeds and decorative, visually textured multi flake finishes, Resdev offers a superb range of products to coordinate with corporate brand and design requirements.