Healthcare & Education

The varied but specific needs of the education and healthcare sectors have been at the forefront of the development of new resin technology at Resdev. Attractive yet practical flooring with the ability to withstand significant footfall can be achieved using Resdev’s Specialist Designer Flooring Systems for the ultimate seamless terrazzo, stone, quartz and vinyl flake surface and Pumathane Flexible Polyurethane Flooring Systems for a hardwearing durable floor with a smooth gloss finish.

Resdev’s elegant and contemporary seamless Mozaico terrazzo flooring and colourful or naturally hued Rondeau decorative stone carpet systems, in calming and uplifting combinations, provide the ideal solution for learning, inspiration and wellbeing.

A uniform appearance is a viable option with Resdev’s Pumathane SL, medium duty flexible self smoothing polyurethane floor topping. It is available in a wide range of colours as standard and can be colour matched to meet corporate requirements