Commercial & Corporate

Resdev’s Specialist Designer Flooring Systems are the perfect choice for prestige commercial and corporate environments including, airports, office complexes, exhibition centres, showrooms, shopping centres and malls.

From the elegant and contemporary seamless Mozaico terrazzo flooring systems, colourful or naturally hued Rondeau decorative stone carpet to attractive, multi-coloured Intrica Fusion quartz screeds and decorative, visually textured Intrica Glitterati and Intrica Ullumnia multi flake finishes, Resdev offers a superb range of products to coordinate with corporate brand and design requirements.

With the introduction of new and exciting colours using natural stone, marble and mother of pearl in conjunction with recycled waste glass from plate and mirrored glass manufacturers in the UK and Europe, which would otherwise be destined for landfill sites, Resdev’s Mozaico terrazzo flooring systems also provide an environmentally responsible solution.