Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics At Hillarys

Since 1971, when Tony Hillary fitted his very first made-to-measure blind in Nottingham, Hillary’s has been a feature in British homes, offering regularly updated ranges and designer collaborations of blinds, curtains, shutters and carpets. Now one of the UK’s best-known names in the field of interiors, the company is justifiably proud of its commitment to UK manufacture.

When the company was looking to improve facilities and enhance health and safety in its main distribution warehouse, a total area of 300m2, an epoxy floor coating manufactured by Resdev and applied by industrial flooring specialists PSC Flooring Ltd was selected to provide the optimum solution. The same company had elected to install a similar Resdev epoxy resin solution for a Worcestershire conservatory manufacturer.

Zebra crossings incorporated for added safety

The concrete floor was previously uncoated, and Hillarys wanted to use floor coatings and clearly distinct colours to define a dedicated trucking gangway and pedestrian walkways, creating a high gloss, hard wearing and easy to clean flooring finish. The PSC Flooring Ltd team recommended two coats of Resdev’s Pumatect epoxy resin coating system in mid grey, with green to the pedestrian walkway and incorporating zebra crossings for added safety.

Pumatect is a solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, providing a heavy duty coating for floors designed to withstand many years of traffic. Two coats of Pumatect provide a build equivalent to almost 10 coats of conventional solvent containing coatings, with Pumatect providing a smooth and easily cleanable surface, even when applied to rough and uneven concrete substrates.

Preparation is key

The existing floor was first treated using diamond grinding methods to clean and prepare the concrete. Following thorough vacuuming, two coats of high build epoxy was laid in the two specified colours for demarcation. Edging lines in safety yellow were then masked out and laid to define the trucking gangway and pedestrian walkway.

The total project took three days to complete, from Friday to Sunday to minimise any operational disruption, finished on time and to budget. Commenting for Hillarys, warehouse manager Mr Russell stated,

“The new resin floor has transformed our warehouse. The different colours for the gangway and walkway make it a much safer environment for pedestrians, and it is proving easy to keep clean. Our thanks to PSC Flooring Ltd for their advice, expertise and competitive package.”