Bakery Flooring Solutions From Resdev Using Pumadur RT Polyurethane Screed

When the management team at St George’s Bakery were evaluating flooring systems for their new 200m2 production facility and public retail area in Corse, Gloucestershire, they called in specialists PSC Flooring Ltd to provide a long lasting, hygienic and easy clean solution.

The existing floor was old and damaged, with a worn and flaking paint system which was no longer acceptable for this forward-looking bakery. The team wanted a new resin floor that provided an attractive, safe and slip resistant finish matching the high food hygiene standards demanded by the industry.

The professional looking team from PSC Flooring Ltd visited the premises to assess the requirements and recommended a heavy duty polyurethane screed developed and manufactured by flooring specialists Resdev. Resdev’s polyurethane screeds provide significant benefits for the food industry, creating a seamless and impervious finish that will not support microbial growth. In addition, they are easy to maintain and can be steam cleaned at temperatures up to 120oC.

The flooring system chosen by St George’s Bakery is Resdev’s Pumadur RT, a heavy duty polyurethane screed with a lightly textured surface and matt finish. Pumadur RT is ideal for a wide range of applications including heavy duty traffic, plant vehicle areas, pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing, manufacture, cold storage and freezer flooring.

The existing floor was first shotblasted and cleaned using diamond grinding processes to remove all the old, worn floor paint. Toe-in channels were created around the perimeter, drains and doorways, as well as repairs to damaged concrete, holes and expansion joints. The floor was vacuum cleaned of all debris and a coat of primer was applied, followed by the Pumadur RT at a depth of 6mm in the selected green colour.

The entire project took just three days to complete, with the team starting on Friday and completing the work on Sunday to minimise disruption. Completed on time and to budget, the new floor has provided the bakery and shop with a hard wearing solution offering excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions encountered in the vent of spillages and during cleaning down processes.