Nothing Fishy About Resdev Flooring!

Selecting the appropriate flooring system for food preparation areas is a challenging application, requiring a combination of performance characteristics including durability, non-taint, anti-slip and resistance to aggressive cleaning processes.

Aberdeen-based fish processors and curers Andrew Christie Jnr Ltd chose high performance resin flooring systems from Resdev to achieve the correct operational and aesthetic finish for their processing and smokehouse facilities.

Established in 1946, Andrew Christie Jnr is one of Scotland’s oldest, most respected and successful fish processing and curing companies, using modern and hygienic equipment combined with skilled filleting to process whitefish for the UK and European markets.

The refurbishment programme to the company’s processing facilities close to the Aberdeen Fish Market included the installation of Resdev’s Pumadur HF; water dispersed polyurethane resin system combining graded silica aggregates to achieve a durable, abrasion and chemical resistant flooring finish.

The system was completed with a top coat of Pumacoat epoxy coating, Resdev’s water dispersed epoxy resin floor seal.  This solvent free, non-taint seal is designed for use in applications such as food preparation areas, providing an attractive and cleanable semi-gloss finish.

The first phase of the project in the general processing areas was scheduled during a holiday shutdown period to minimise disruption, with the remainder completed in line with customer requirements.  “The end result is excellent and reflects the company’s commitment to quality and high standards of hygiene in all areas,” stated Director Doug Rennie.