Heavy Duty Flooring For Furnace Areas Of Global Tool Manufacturer

A heavy duty polyurethane screed developed by flooring specialists Resdev has been selected to provide a durable and hard wearing surface for a furnace production area used by a global metal tool manufacturer based in Newport, South Wales.

Tough and durable flooring for aggressive operating conditions

Pumadur RT from Resdev is a robust, high performance flooring system offering the highest levels of resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other forms of aggression including thermal shock from excessive heat up to 120oC, making the screed ideal for use in the challenging conditions found in a heavy duty furnace area.

Industrial flooring contractors PSC Flooring Ltd were contracted to lay in total 400m2 of Pumadur RT at a depth of 6mm, creating a strong and resilient flooring surface that is hard wearing, easy to clean and capable of withstanding the very high loads found in this operating environment.

Wide range of colour options

Pumadur RT is a resin-rich heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds which creates a lightly textured, non-slip surface with an attractive and practical matt finish. Available in a wide range of RAL colours, the screed provides the highest levels of impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, ideal for both wet and dry industrial and process environments.

The team from PSC Flooring Ltd began by shotblasting the existing concrete floor to create a clean, dry surface then applying a single coat of epoxy primer. All areas of the floor where damage had occurred were then repaired using proprietary repair materials, followed by application of the Pumadur RT polyurethane screed in a practical dark grey colour, with red around the furnaces to serve as demarcation.

Resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents

All the expansion joints were then mirrored through the resin screed and infilled with matching jointing compound to ensure the integrity of the finish. Pumadur RT provides the perfect solution for industrial environments. It is resistant to a wide range of commonly used chemicals as well as most inorganic acids, fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents.

The resin flooring project was completed within a tight timeframe of just six working days, on time and to budget. Commenting for the client, a senior manager stated, “The new resin floor has made a huge difference to our production area. It is easy to clean and the flat surface is a delight to work on. PSC Flooring Ltd carried out a really great job.”