Intrica Fusion Provides Beautiful and Practical Flooring For Health Spa

Specialist designer resin flooring systems are the ideal choice for leisure industry applications, providing a safe and durable finish combining practicality with style and quality.

A recent investment at Diana’s Health Spa in Wellingborough demonstrates the potential for Intrica Fusion, a Resdev product which uses subtle, kiln dried quartz aggregates amalgamated within a clear epoxy resin matrix to create the perfect effect for pool and spa flooring.

The project, carried out by specialist applicators Impact Flooring, involved the total refurbishment of the flooring around the pool area. Diana’s Health Spa was looking for a premium finish combining performance, durability, safety and hygiene, together with a swift turnaround to minimise downtime for this busy facility.

Short timescales

Working within a single week time window to complete the project, Impact Flooring began by removing the existing flooring. The entire area was then prepared using diamond grinding methods, planing and cleaning to remove any contamination that could impair the new flooring adhering to the substrate. Resdev’s Intrica Fusion resin flooring was then installed across the entire area and finished with a clear seal coat for added protection.

Diana’s Health Spa now has a decorative, speckled multi-coloured flooring finish with a slight texture to enhance slip resistance. This seamless, non-dusting floor surface can be easily cleaned using standard cleaning chemicals and techniques designed for epoxy resin flooring.

Design and style with Intrica Fusion

Intrica Fusion is available in a selection of stylish colour combinations to match individual décor schemes. It forms a durable, attractive and long lasting finish capable of handling challenging operating conditions, and is ideal for applications where design and style are as important as ease of cleaning and integral strength.

The work was completed within the one week time window set aside for the project. The 20m pool reopened on time to accommodate planned exercise, fitness and swim training sessions, and the team at Diana’s Health Spa is delighted with the speed of the work and the quality of the finish.