Inside/Outside Energy Homes at Salford University!

At a glance they appear to be 2 quaint Victorian cottages but look again. They are, in fact, pre 1915 reconstructed homes utilising reclaimed materials to represent the 4.5 million homes of this type still occupied in the UK. The full-size houses have been rebuilt by ISG, at Salford University’s Energy Hub, inside an environmentally controllable chamber in which climatic conditions can be controlled and created.

In order to complete the chamber and meet customer needs, a heavy duty seamless polyurethane screed system with integral coving, stepped levels, and drainage wells was installed. The unique facility is being used as a test bed for leading academics to work collaboratively with industry in the devolvement and testing of new energy efficient products and solutions for the retrofit market. With this in mind, the Pumadur range of Specialist Polyurethane Resin Flooring Systems, manufactured by Resdev Ltd, were chosen.

Resdev’s Pumadur HF, polyurethane floor screed, was applied at a thickness of 6mm on the stepped plinth level, main floor area and in an adjacent plant room. The sides of the plinth, coving and drainage wells were formed using Resdev’s Pumadur CG, polyurethane coving grade and Pumadur WR, polyurethane wall render, to ensure that the completed installation provided a profiled slip resistant ‘boxed’ finish to meet the university’s requirement for a durable, easy to clean system with excellent chemical resistance properties and ability to withstand regular water spillage.

The Cheshire based flooring application contractor responsible for the installation added, “It was an amazing opportunity and experience to be involved with such an innovative project and know that we have played our part with the provision of a high standard polyurethane system that was completed on time and will, like the houses, be around for many more years to come”.