Transforming Factory Floors With Resdev Pumatect

When one of the UK’s leading automotive component manufacturers wanted to convert a large warehousing area from storage to manufacturing in line with expansion plans, Pumatect epoxy resin flooring from Resdev was selected to create a hard wearing, easy to clean surface to match the changed operational requirements.

The project was managed by industrial flooring specialists PSC Flooring Ltd  who specified Pumatect to meet the challenge, covering 2000m2 of concrete with this tough, hard wearing coating suitable for medium duty traffic, giving an attractive high gloss finish with advanced levels of wear resistance.

Once used for storing components, the existing floor was old and discoloured with localised damage to the concrete. The team from PSC Flooring Ltd first mechanically cleaned the surface using an enclosed shotblasting machine to remove all dirt and grease. Two coats of solvent free, liquid applied surface damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant Pumaprime DPM were then applied to combat a moisture problem in the original concrete.

An epoxy mortar compound was used to repair all holes, damaged areas and cracks, followed by two coats of Resdev’s Pumatect high build epoxy resin in a light grey colour. The floor was then completed with the addition of Pumatect V epoxy resin safety yellow demarcation lines to indicate walkways and gangways.

The project was completed on time and to budget within an agreed eight day period, and has resulted in the total transformation of the warehouse floor in line with the changed duty.

Resdev’s Pumatect epoxy resin flooring is ideal for medium duty areas requiring an easy to clean, tough and durable coating with excellent chemical resistance such as warehouses, factories, workshops, showrooms, packing and storage areas, as well as food preparation rooms. Pumatect is suitable for regular foot traffic, light duty fork lift truck traffic and occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys.